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The history

November 2021.

An idea to market epoxy resins sprouts; During those days we maintained open and constant communication with Arch. Gabriela Moliterno, with whom we outlined future projects.
The idea of intervening spaces and furniture with resins was interesting to us, to such an extent that, the following year, we began to make a new marketing unit tangible for his company ABCD Design Studio located in the State of Virginia, United States.

We collaborate remotely throughout the year during which we agreed to formalize a commercial alliance based in Uruguay.
Within this framework, market surveys, technical research, commercial alliances, digital content creation and the many hours dedicated to the task are carried out, giving rise to:  Epoxy Resins Uruguay - Emotional Decoration.

Claudio Seminaro

Foto de diseño en resina epoxi, colores oro, negro y blanco.
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